Vanboleia has started her maiden voyage, and here is your chance to get in on the FUN!!!

Sometimes the best way to make your own dreams come true is to support others who are living that dream.

Hi, we are Crystal and Vanesa, two fairy goddess witchy earth superheros dedicated to bringing high vibes everywhere we go. We have been dreaming about having our own #vanlife adventures for a while now, and last year in Mount Shasta it began to materialize as a focal point in our lives. As we prepared for an event called Burning Man in the deserts of Black Rock City, Nevada and onward to Mount Shasta, we felt the call. NOW is the time.

We found our baby on August 5 and began renovating her right away. We made it just in time to leave for the burn…THANK YOU TATO!!! Now, we are in our voyage and many of you are asking “How can I help?” We hear you. We appreciate you. We love you.

So…we have created this page where you can see exactly what Vanboleia needs next. She accepts gifts, cash, gestures, good wishes, anything high vibe you want to send her way.

Learn all the ways you can become a certified Vanboleia SUPER FAN below and maybe even get featured in our upcoming song…. Stick around to find out more.

But first, let us share a little about what we are doing and why.

In January this year, we began meeting every week for a gathering. There is no rule or requirement for the gathering except to come together in love and light. The gathering almost always includes a music circle, and locals have lovingly come to know it as “The Sunday evening music circle.” Many lives have been changed by coming together in this way. Those who were searching often tell us, “I’ve been looking for this.” We hear you. We all want family, community, others as weird and wonderful as we are who can share in our vision.

And now that Miami has anchored our gathering, we are ready to bring it across the US and beyond.

How can you get involved? We have many ways to participate.

Donate money

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Send Vanboleia a physical gift or fan letter: Contact for address

Email Vanboleia and Team:

Start a high vibe gathering in your own community and tag us.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Get involved and stir up some juice for your own dreams by giving as we have inspired you.
  2. Be featured on our fan page as an early supporter.
  3. Donations from cities of $5000 or more will be added to the Vanboleia U.S. music circle tour.
  4. Become part of a growing global family focused on love and connection
  5. Donations of $10,000 or more Vanesa and Crystal will take you on a weekend trip with Vanboleia and share our personal magic to upgrade your entire life. See our pages if you want to know more about our personal magic.

Want some hints how YOU can best support. Here are some upgrades we are adding to the Vanboleia Journey. We invite you to be involved directly by making offerings of these upgrades directly, or request your donation be directed at the area you wish most to support. We love you so much and look forward to seeing you in a future music gathering. Thank you for being part of this growing dream to bring love, light, and consciousness through music, wisdom, and movement.

Music Instruments: Handpan. Harmonium. Cahon. Frame drum. Horn

Mechanical: Transmission Seal Repair. Generator wiring system repair

Fun Upgrades: New Radio/Sound System. Awning.

Aesthetic Upgrades: New fabric for seats and new carpet in front

Space Upgrades: Roof rack to safely transport growing instrument collection

Safety Upgrades: Rear view camera

Some upgrades we have made since we found Vanboleia:

  • Stripped and resealed windows
  • Gutted old wood and unnecessary structures
  • Removed flooring and replaced
  • Redesigned and built bed above driving area
  • Stripped old fabric and painted walls
  • Replaced water hose system
  • Replaced generator battery
  • Created weather protector panels for windows
  • Handmade our own curtains
  • Added La Luna, plants, lights and other accessories


Perfectcore Posture support apparatus to help us while driving

Nuncy Caballo Beautiful Italian white cabinet for our shower area