For many years you have known me as the Dr. Money. It’s time I show you the other parts of me…oh what we can do with this magic inside me I have been saving for such a time as this!!!! Join me in this movement toward a more #CONCIOUSECONOMY and together let’s make money work for ALL OF US!!!

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What would it take for you to believe all the way in you?

Unabashedly Me
After more than a decade of intense work trying to prove myself, I have decided to be unabashedly me. May your journey be everything you would create it to be.

“Crystal is my child and I love her as she is.
– God
I am the light that shines in the darkness of your self judgment and washes it away, leaving only beauty.
– Crystal Dawn
Come here when you need to be reminded that you can’t mess up, no matter what you choose. Experiencing life was always the goal. No matter what, you are doing that. So since you can’t fail, what will you do with this lifetime?
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