Miami Circle of Affluence

Invite the Power of Collective Agreement to YOUR VISION and Make Your Dreams Your Reality


When high vibe humans come together to support each other’s vision, magic happens. Together we grow in love and harmony, and life offers all we need to create our own dreams.
Power is delivered from the collective.
Step into Affluence. You deserve it.

Come TOGETHER with this conscious group of magnetic beings to ignite your life into wealth, prosperity, and joy as we increase our AFFLUENCE

About this event

Affluence: The state of having a great deal of money, wealth.

Do you find yourself living a conscious life you are proud of, but still cringe a little when someone brings up “the money stuff”?

Are you ready to let go of old beliefs around money and step into a life of prosperity and peace?

Have you recently begun to experience abundance in your life and now want to be super conscious about how you use your money to create positive influence?

Have you been waiting for that “some day” when you have enough money to pursue a dream project?


The Circle of Affluence is the place where heart-centered beings with BIG DREAMS come TOGETHER to invite the money, resources, prosperity, and joy of HAVING into our lives through the COLLECTIVE. Using the harmonized consciousness of the group, each small group in this experience creates a blanket of affluence to share with each other in a focused, love-driven method used in ancient wisdom to accelerate and bring into form that which was imagined and desired.

Join me and our tribe for this inaugural event to embody the life you always knew deep down was for you. It turns out you were right, so let’s do this thing. Take the leap. We are leaping with you.

Don’t wait for “one day” to create your dreams. Instead of waiting for your money tree to blossom or your ship to come in, let’s jump in together and create the life you, until now, had only dared to dream in your quiet, personal space. Let it out! Let’s do it together.

Agenda April 4, 2022

6:30 Greetings and social connection

7:00 Crypto 101: What is crypto and why it is critical you prepare your wallet for digital currency.

7:30 Group activity

8:00 Manifesting circle.

Note: (This Circle has been known to create literal miracles in lives since its inception July 2021. )

9:00 Wrap up, shares and practices to take home to continue your manifesting journey.

ABSENTEE DONATION: If you wish to add your resources to the Circle for expansion but cannot attend the event live, you may add your donations in the absentee box. We will hold a special expansion circle moment for absentee donors to 10x your offering in the field and send it back to you in love and harmony.