Dr. Crystal Gifford is an educational and motivational speaker, international best selling author, and spiritually guided teacher with a mission to demystify the topic of money and eradicate the fear that often surrounds it. Specializing in audiences where devotion to team is high priority, Gifford brings the very personal aspects of money to the table and creates a comfortable environment to ask the questions most want to know but few dare to ask. Speaking to athletic and corporate teams, Crystal uses an action-based learning approach to guide participants into a life of abundance and strategic decision-making. Those who have studied under her guidance often say she helped them feel more powerful when it comes to money and allowed them to take a more active approach in obtaining and managing it. Her methods have shown to support leaders through growth in income and wealth to allow them to live life more abundantly. She is most proud of her work with individuals and groups that teaches them how to fully live life now while preparing for the future.


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